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Nature Reserve Cabo Blanco

The Nature Reserve of Cabo Blanco is a protected area located at the south west of Nicoya peninsula. It was created on october 21th of 1963 in order to protect the dry forest tipical of this region, which is home for many species of flora and fauna. The protected area also extends to the sea, giving protection to many seabird, fish, crustaceans and sharks. Aside, the flora extends more than 119 different species of trees.
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Verano Toreado(Summer bullfight)

In Costa Rica there are  different arenas in which during the festivities make bull riding championships. The law prohibits the killing of bulls and other animals on public or private events. Many Costa Ricans enter the bullring to be chased and rammed by the bull. It is what is called “Corridas a la tica”, and those who participate are called “improvised bullfighters.”

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