Nature Reserve Cabo Blanco

The Nature Reserve of Cabo Blanco is a protected area located at the south west of Nicoya peninsula. It was created on october 21th of 1963 in order to protect the dry forest tipical of this region, which is home for many species of flora and fauna. The protected area also extends to the sea, giving protection to many seabird, fish, crustaceans and sharks. Aside, the flora extends more than 119 different species of trees.
Despite the size of this nature reserve, one can find a lot of animal species like monkeys, raccoons, deers, ant-bears, wildcats, coyotes, etc. Among the land birds, the most common are magpie, great egret, cattle egret, green heron, the white-tailed pigeon, vulture, widowbird , crested guan, peacock, the olive chachalaca, the tijo, roseate spoonbill, collared kingfisher, common ground-dove, the yellow winged parrot, and vulture.
The nature reserve Cabo Blanco counts with many trails for the visitors that takes them to the most important sites to watch, one of these called “The Swedish Trail” goes to the shore, another important trail is “The Danish Trail” just goes around the nature reserve in a circle.

Cabo Blanco is worth a visit and the lovers of nature will be not dissapointed.
The reserve is only open from 8:00AM to 4:00PM and from wenesday to sunday.

Services offered are parking, visitor center, picnic areas, rest areas, toilets, showers, drinking water and EFC.