Project “Vigilantes del Agua” saved 325 million liters of water on Costa Rica.

The Instituto de Acueductos y Alcantarillados AyA has reported that the project “Vigilantes del Agua” has just saved 325 millions liters of water in the past 5 years here on Costa Rica. This project was born early 2009, since then more than 58000 students from 56 schools and high schools has been taught about the right use and saving of the water resource.

The goal of this project is not only to teach the children about the rational use of the water, but to improve the infraestructure of the schools that has been participating in the program.

“In this way we will sow the seeds in the fertile population, children, promoting a new culture of the value of water in our country” said Yamileth Astorga, current executive AyA president.

“Vigilantes del Agua”, or Water Watchers in english consist in three important phases, the first step is to identify the oportunities of saving water on the schools, improving the facilities and training the students.

Some of the facilities han received water storage systems, so the lessons continue without interruption in case there is not enough water, along low water consumption toilets and timer devices.

In this 2014 the goal of the project is to train more than 3000 students from 120 schools from all Costa Rica.

Zumaloft, Montezuma, Costa Rica.