Santa Teresa in Costa Rica, among the most recommended beaches…

Not long ago, the famous Trip Advisor website published a list of the 10 most recommended beaches by visitors and tourists who visited Central America. Eight of those ten beaches are Costa Rica, proving once again that this country stands for the beauty of its natural resources.

One of these beaches is Santa Teresa, which is just 30 minutes away from Zumaloft. This big beach, has the best waves for surfing, from small waves for beginners to waves of average height for those who already have some experience.
For those who like to take a dip in the sea, the beach is not dangerous because it has no tricky currents, but as always dont temp your luck and stay close to the shore. Also many sections of the beach have a lifeguard surveillance. There are also two small rivers that flow into the beach and create a pool when the tide is low.
For those who enjoy walking along the beach, surely theyll find what they look since the beach is pretty big.
Here we share with you some pictures of Santa Teresa beach.
Santa Teresa, Nicoya, Costa Rica.
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