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Jicaral will serve as a laboratory to study climate change

Jicaral is a small and town 50 Kilometers away from Montezuma. Near Jicaral is the  Nature Reserve Karen Mogensen, named after a very famous woman who together with her husband Nicolas Wessberg always fought for the natural conservation of the wildlife and flora in Nicoya´s Peninsula. There, a group of Italian scientists coming from the University of Tuscia are establishing a special laboratory to measure the flux of carbon between the forest and the atmosphere. They are investigating if the climate change is affecting this cycle.
This nature reserve has been catalogued as the right place to establish this laboratory. The scientists not only want to study the forest but its fauna, mostly birds and amphibians, which seem to be more sensible to the climate change.
The idea of building a scientific station there, comes since 2005, but the funding was not achieved until 2010, the construction ended on 2013.
This protected zone is one of the most important reserves along with the Nicolas Wessberg and Cabo Blanco.
Montezuma, Costa Rica.