Toucan recently attacked will receive prosthesis.

Recently, a notice shaken to all animals lovers and public in general on Costa Rica, a toucan received an attack apparently from a group of teenagers and his beak was torn off.

Since them the toucan which is called now “Grecia” has been on the Animal Rescue Clinic located at the Zoo Ave in  La Garita, Alajuela.

Now in collaboration of the private companies a new beak will be manufactured and placed as a prosthesis so “Grecia” will be having a normal life again.

The toucan was receiving his food through a tube, but in recent days he just like to receive small amounts of food he takes with his claws, but he still need  the prosthesis as his caretaker pointed out.

Grecia is now recovering fast at the bird refugee, so the placing of the prosthesis will start this March.

Costa Rica is well known on the world for its efforts on protecting fauna and flora, these kind of situations, if its true that rarely happens, should be avoided. Parents needs to teach kids respect toward animals.